The Beauty of Tomorrow: Revolutionary Skincare Products and Technology

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Gone are the days when our skincare regime followed the humble ‘cleanse, tone and moisturise’ mantra. Today, a mind-blowing array of cutting-edge skincare products and technology are invading both our homes and our phones. These game-changing innovators are firmly on our beauty radar, and are rapidly disrupting the skincare market.


HiMirror Plus+ Smart mirror

HiMirror- Revolutionary Skincare Products and Technology

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the most high-tech of them all? Say hello to HiMirror, a smart mirror that does far more than reflect back at you. This sleek bit of beauty kit gives you a bespoke skin analysis and tracks your fitness progress, too. We love the strips of LED lights that create a variety of ambient lighting environments, from a dimly lit restaurant to a bright office space. Used in conjunction with its HiFit, HiSkin and HiMirror apps, you can get beauty advice on the move – including the weather forecast with UV index, so you know what sunscreen to use.


Romy Paris Figure formulator

Revolutionary Skincare Products and Technology

Ever fancied being a chemist? With the Romy Paris Figure formulator you can brew up your own personal skincare products from the comfort of your own bathroom. In partnership with its companion app, this cutting-edge piece of beauty tech analyses your skin on the basis of lifestyle, environment and skin type. It then reports back with the right capsule combination of concentrated ingredients to blend together, thus giving you your daily dose of targeted skincare cream.


ModiFace Augmented Reality

 modiface Revolutionary Skincare Products and Technology

If you’ve ever visited a beauty store or a used beauty brand app to virtually try on new lipstick or foundation shades, you’ll be familiar with ModiFace’s Augmented Reality technology. A collective of scientists and engineers, ModiFace have radically reshaped the way we shop for beauty products. Essentially allowing shoppers to perform beauty try-on simulations, the technology has been acquired by L’Oréal and its future is set to be bigger and brighter. Watch this space!


Dr Dennis Gross Skincare SpectraLite EyeCare Pro

Revolutionary Skincare Products and Technology drdennisgrossspectralite

Although it resembles headwear from a sci-fi movie, Dr Dennis Gross Skincare’s SpectraLite EyeCare Pro is a futuristic facial via a pair of specs. Inside, 72 LEDs blast you with a spectrum of therapeutic light, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes. Need to know: the light penetrates deep below the dermis of your skin to stimulate collagen production.


Volition skincare

volition evolutionary Skincare Products and Technology

“Other brands tell you what to buy. We listen.” So speaks Volition’s mission statement. A pioneering company that’s democratised the beauty industry, Volition’s skincare products are conceived by their community. Invited to submit their innovative product ideas online, the community will vote to endorse the ideas they like best. The most popular concepts are developed and brought to market by Volition’s lab wizards. We love their Turmeric Brightening Polish and Neroli Complete anti-aging crème.


Ultra-high-tech and enduringly chic, a heated Emel and Aris coat for him or her offers you style at a temperature you control.


Images: Modiface © Modiface, HiMirror © HiMirror, Romy Paris Figure formulator © Romy Paris, SpectraLite © Dr Dennis Gross, © Volition, © Volition

Revolutionary Skincare Products and Technology

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