Style at a temperature you control

Heated coats handcrafted in Britain for urban explorers everywhere.


Wear as little as
you dare

With infrared heat, the Smart Coat means less is definitely more.


Smart Service

Next day delivery and free, easy returns
from your desk or door.


“Hidden intelligent heating technology”

A new fashion frontier in wearable tech

The truly trans-seasonal coat

Smart Coat rewrites the rules on clothing expectations

Invest in this seriously smart, self-heating coat

On The Street


BBC presenter and journalist, Lara Lewington, reviews the Smart Coat for BBC technology show, Click.

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The Styles


Patent-Pending Technology

Powered by patent-pending technology, the Smart Coat offers safe and consistent heat. Slim and lightweight, the specially formulated heating system is concealed beneath each coat’s lining to evenly spread warmth.

Infrared for Wellbeing

Emel and Aris Smart Coats use ‘Far Infrared’ (FIR) heat, the therapeutic qualities of which are well observed. Used by health practitioners to ease everything from muscle pain to joint stiffness, FIR generates a healthy heat that poses no risk of burning.

British craftsmanship

From start to finish, all Emel and Aris coats are made in Great Britain. Skilled craftsmen using the finest materials and quality production methods integrate advanced technology in a manufacturing process that is closely monitored, step-by-step, at our UK factory.

Luxury natural fabrics

Fine natural fabrics from luxury Italian mill Loro Piana are used to construct each Smart Coat. Treated with Storm System® to ensure water and wind resistance, the coats are luxurious and resilient in equal parts.

Safe & Guaranteed

The heat system of each Smart Coat is guaranteed for 24 months. With no wires, the risk of overheating is eliminated to ensure a long lasting warmth and no need for thermostats or fuses. The battery is guaranteed for 12 months and replacements can be purchased in our shop.

Ethical & Responsible

Responsible and ethical manufacturing is at the forefront of Emel and Aris’ production process. We donate 1% of our sales to the charity, Codi, which teaches digital and leadership skills to marginalized youth in Beirut. Our motto is: ‘look good, feel good, do good’.