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A smart bed that tracks your sleep patterns? Robotic furniture that morphs from desk to wardrobe? The future of our interiors looks absurd and thrilling in equal measures. At Emel and Aris, we love celebrating innovative technology that synthesizes with elegant design, and these stylish, high-tech furniture pieces are game-changers in interior design.

Samsung The Frame TV

When is a TV not a TV? When it’s a piece of art. Part-artwork, part-cutting-edge television, Samsung’s clever The Frame harmonises home entertainment with gorgeous design. Hanging on the wall in its picture frame, when not in use, the TV’s Art Mode allows owners to display their chosen works from a gallery of over 100 landscapes, drawings and photographs. We love The Frame’s space-enhancing properties.


NAP URI lamp

Hong Kong-based design house NAP’s URI lamp will instantly be the talking point of any living room with its 21st century take on the humble light bulb. Made with laser-cut acrylic glass, the lamp turns on by touch. Aside from must-have lighting, the pioneering NAP 2D work is at the forefront of interiors technology including rendering projects, interactive holographic projections and 3D mapping projection.


HiCan Smartbed

Upgrade your sleeping experience with HiCan’s incredible smart bed. A contemporary cocoon for wellness and entertainment, the Italian-designed bed resembles a stylish space pod with its sleek lines and futuristic feel. But it’s HiCan’s tech specs that make it so covetable. At the foot of the bed is a 70” home theatre screen with HD projector, a built-in audio system and media centre for gaming. In terms of health monitoring, the HiCan tracks your biometric sleep patterns and has environmental health monitoring for temperature and air quality. Frankly, we’d never want to get out of it…


Ori Systems

If your home is more bijou than big, Ori Systems have combined robotics with stylish architecture to transform your living area into a responsive, functional space. Essentially, it’s an all-in-one bed-desk-dresser hybrid that, at the touch of a button, retracts according to what you want to do. Ori Systems has three modes: Bed, Lounge and Wardrobe, each of which moves the furniture into the optimal position for each function, maximising the space and layout of your modest dwelling.


Edra Cipria sofa

Like nine gigantic powder puffs artfully arranged, Edra’s Cipria sofa is an invitingly plush piece of furniture that begs to be snuggled-up on. We adore its ultra-tactile quality. Behind their off-the-wall designs, Italian design house Edra utilise state-of-the-art engineering to create imaginative home furnishings. In Cipria’s case, each cushion is fixed to an invisible metal frame and stuffed with their patented Gellyfoam® filling.


Both high-tech and timelessly chic, a heated Emel and Aris coat for him or her offers you style at a temperature you control.


 Images:  Cipria © Edra, Ori Systems © Ori Systems, HiCan bed © HiCan, NAP’s URI lamp © NAP, Frame TV © Samsung

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