EMEL + ARIS Design Wearables For the Style Conscious

By Muchaneta Kapfunde, 23rd March 2016

Have you been introduced to luxury brand EMEL + ARIS yet? Founded by Rana Nakhal Solset, the British label has been hitting headlines for their beautifully tailored Smart Coats designed for both men and women.

Created to be a collection of stylish wearable tech, the coats introduce a revolutionary heating technology that uses a lightweight, inert polymer instead of wires and produces FIR (far infrared) heat energy that is absorbed by the skin to heat the muscles and increase blood flow. The benefits of Far Infrared (FIR) therapy have long been recognised and recent research has validated the vast range of medical claims of FIR, including increased blood flow, pain relief and boosted immune system.

Entirely made in Europe using the finest quality fabrics made in Italy by Ing. Loro Piana & C, the water repellent and wind proof collection includes a cotton trench and cashmere blend wrap coat for women, a cashmere blend overcoat and a cotton three-quarter length raincoat for me.

Incorporating intelligent heating technology, EMEL + ARIS collection proves that wearable technology can be a fashionable must have for the style conscious citizen of the world . With approval from the likes of fashion bible Vogue and of course ourselves at FashNerd, EMEL + ARIS are proof that the fashion technology industry is definitely headed in the right direction.

Want to invest in your very own EMEL + ARIS coat? Then be sure to visit their Kickstarter campaign before Tuesday 10th May 2016 to take advantage of their special prices which start from:
Women’s trench £495
Men’s raincoat £645
Women’s wrap £645
Men’s overcoat £695

If you are seeking the ultimate luxury you can treat yourself to their Kickstarter exclusive 100% cashmere version of the wrap or overcoat for £2700. Following the end of their Kickstarter campaign, EMEL & ARIS collection will be available in Autumn 2016 in retail stores, which are yet to be confirmed. Once in stores prices will begin from £1095.

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