Emel And Aris Reveal The ‘Smart Coat’

By Laura Robson

Meet the coat that is revolutionising wearable tech
It seems we’re always talking about being on the cusp of wearable technology but it never actually surfacing.
That’s likely about to change though with this incredible new design from Emel and Aris – and no, your style won’t be compromised.

The beautifully tailored coats have incorporated an intelligent heating technology system aimed at men and women who want to remain stylish and sophisticated whatever the weather.

Founded by Rana Nakhal Solset, she told Vogue: “When talking wearable tech there is a fine line between geeky and tasteful.”

So how does it work?
Hidden in the coats lining this exclusive technology produces infrared heat energy that is absorbed by the skin to heat the muscles and increase blood flow so wearers feel warm all over.
With the only wiring being from the battery, which also holds a USB port (hello phone charging on the go!), Emel and Aris put you in control.

There are four debut versions of the coat, with two tailored styles for both men and women, and chic wrap styles for women and a raincoat for men, starting at £1,095 each – get your gloved hands on one here.

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