The Heat

Hidden under the lining of the Smart Coat is a lightweight patent-pending heating system. The heat spreads through a flexible inert polymer that has a preset temperature so it can’t overheat. The only wiring is a short cable that connects the polymer to a small removable battery that sits in a discreet zipped pocket. It’s impossible to tell these coats heat but once you try the Smart Coat, it’s hard to leave home or take a flight without one.

The Smart Coat is often described as being like a warm hug. That’s because the heat emitted is far infrared (FIR) which doesn’t just heat the surface like wired heating, it’s absorbed by the body and warms the muscles. The main heat patch is concentrated on the lower back so the FIR can be absorbed by the kidneys to increase circulation and give you a warm feeling all over.

FIR is the healthiest heat on the spectrum and has long been associated with wellbeing. FIR is used to reduce pain, increase muscle flexibility, stimulate collagen and even to detoxify.



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