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How long does the battery heat?

The battery can heat for around 5 hours on the lowest setting, and around 3 hours on high. Because the technology is self-regulating it is a balance between the temperature setting of the technology and the external temperature so it will always be a range.

How do you clean the Smart Coat?

The Smart Coat is treated so it is water and dirt-repellent so you should not need to clean it regularly. We recommend cleaning at a specialist dry cleaners using Greenearth solvents only (silicone based solvents). The battery must be removed before cleaning.

 How long does it take for the Smart Coat to heat up?

The Smart Coat starts to heat immediately and all panels reach full temperature within a few minutes.

Do the coats get really hot?

The heat panels are designed to get warm not hot. There are three heat settings: we recommend you activate the battery to the highest setting and after about ten minutes you reduce to medium or low. This will ensure the coat gets warm quickly and the battery life is maximised. Because the temperature is preset the coats cannot overheat if used according to instructions with the supplied battery.

Is the technology safe?

Yes, completely! Our technology is chemically inert and therefore intrinsically safe. It is self-regulating and conducts heat uniformly which means it cannot overheat or produce hotspots and therefore will not burn. It exhibits a positive temperature coefficient (PTC) that means there is no need for thermostats or fuses. It must be used with the battery supplied as higher voltage power sources could increase the heat.

The battery is fully safety tested and carries the CE and FCC stamps. The battery is not waterproof but stays in a sealed pocket in the coat.  The charger comes with international adapters so you can take your coat anywhere – it’s perfect for airplanes or anywhere you can’t predict the temperature.

How has the Infrared range been tested?

The technology has undergone extensive independent testing to identify its Far Infrared (FIR) range. The results of this testing show that where 1 is ideal and 0 represents zero emissions, the emission rates are within the key FIR wavelength band of 4 to 18 microns average between 0.862 and 0.875, which is in the highly effective range. This means the technology in the Emel and Aris Smart Coat emits waves within the range that provide the most therapeutic benefit.

 What are the health benefits of Far Infrared?

Because Far Infrared is absorbed by the skin and heats the muscles, it improves circulation which in turn has health-enhancing results. Some benefits of Far Infrared include:

  • Effective pain relief
  • Accelerates healing in soft tissue injury
  • Increases blood flow
  • Decreases joint stiffness
  • Reduces inflammation and oedema
  • Reduces muscle spasm
  • Enhances white blood cell function

What is the guarantee?

The heating system within the coat is hard-wearing and guaranteed for a year from date of delivery. This applies to the integral heating system within the coats, the cable which attaches to the battery, and the battery. Other elements of the coat are not covered under the warranty.

Can I go through an airport X-ray machine?

Yes, the battery should be removed first.

Can I travel on a plane with the lithium-ion battery?

Yes. The Smart Coat is the perfect travel coat.

The Smart Coat is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, similar to those that power most personal electronic devices that passengers routinely fly with such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones. The Emel and Aris battery, which can also be referred to as a powerbank, is maximum 19.3Wh. Most airlines place a limit on batteries with 100Wh or more so you will have no problems carrying our battery and a spare one (or more).

The CAA is offering the following guidance to anyone travelling with spare lithium batteries:
“Spare lithium batteries must be carried in carry on baggage, and the terminals protected from short circuit (e.g. by packing each battery in its own protective case or resealable plastic bag, such as a sturdy freezer or sandwich bag.)”

In March 2017, airlines have placed restrictions on electronic devices on flights to and from the UK and USA from certain countries in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey. We recommend you check with your airline before travelling as you may be advised to place the battery in your checked luggage.

I have a pacemaker, can I wear a heated coat?

Anything with electricity gives off electromagnetic energy (EMC), which can disrupt your pacemaker functioning. As the heating system requires a battery it is best not to wear a heated coat.

Can I wear a Smart Coat if I am pregnant?

We are not aware of any contraindications of the heating system on pregnant women; some doctors recommend using heat as back pain relief in place of ibuprofen. However, if you are pregnant we recommend you consult your doctor before using the heat within the Smart Coat.

What is the returns policy?

Emel and Aris is happy to offer a refund or exchange within 28 days of you receiving the goods. For full details see our Shipping & Returns section.


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