Life-Enhancing, Stylish Technology For Your Home

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These Emel and Aris-approved appliances will not only inject some serious style into your home, but they’ll also enhance your wellbeing and lifestyle with their forward-thinking technology.


Meural Canvas

Fancy investing in a splashy piece of art to make a living room statement, but can’t decide what? Consider Meural Canvas. A giant photo frame with a digital screen, it displays a vast library of works from Impressionist masters to contemporary photography. Best of all, you can change the display with a simple swipe or by pairing it with its companion app. Crafted from American hardwood with an anti-glare HD display, Meural Canvas is a beautiful bit of tech to enliven your lounge.


Nokia Sleep

We could all do with a better night’s sleep, whether it’s hopping into bed earlier or staying asleep once you’re there. Nokia’s handy sleep tracker discreetly slips into your mattress and while you’re getting some shut-eye, detects your heart rate, sleep cycle, your sleep duration and even if your snore! All the data is sent to your phone via the Nokia Health Mate app and a dedicated sleep coaching tool helps you reduce fatigue and catch better zzzs. What’s more, Nokia Sleep can be automated to turn lights on and off and bump up the thermostat if you’re still chilly under the covers.



Resembling a retro loudspeaker, Awair air monitor is a super-stylish piece of home technology. Handcrafted from walnut and made from natural, toxin-free materials, Awair ranks and displays your air quality measurements via an increasing scale of dots. Place it on your kitchen window sill, bedside table or mantlepiece for a smart way to monitor the temperature, dust, humidity and CO2 levels of your home. We love that fact it Bluetooth’s to Alexa and your phone for tips on how to improve your air quality.


ROM Romano Sofa

It may look like an invitingly elegant sofa, but ROM’s Romano is actually a smart sofa you can control and adjust via ROM’s own Aladin app. Consider plumping up cushions and wriggling to get the right angle a thing of the past as you kick back at home and automatically tilt and recline into your favourite position. ROM’s Romano sofa is entirely bespoke with the size, design, colour and finish configured by you, and it can even come with heated seats and adjustable headrests for the most luxurious way to unwind.


BeoSound Shape

Part art display, part sonic speaker system and all cool, Bang and Olufsen’s BeoSound Shape brings a revolutionary wireless sound display into your home. Comprising a series of modular hexagonal panels—a speaker, amplifier, base unit and damper tile—BeoSound Shape can be arranged by you in a variety of colour combinations and geometric designs. The speakers pair with your phone or tablet for ease of use. Even when switched off, the damper tiles absorb sound waves, which actively improves the entire acoustic atmosphere in the room.


Plantui 6 Smart Garden

Short on space and time but want to get green-fingered? The Plantui 6 Smart Garden is a self-contained eco-system letting you create a herbaceous display in your very own kitchen. Simply add a capsule of basil, coriander or whatever seeds tickle your fancy to the device, then let the built-in water-pump and intelligent light system do the hard work for you. We love the fact you need zero gardening skills to grow your own delicious herbs with this stylish hydroponic piece of home tech.


Both high-tech and timelessly chic, a heated Emel and Aris coat for him or her offers you style at a temperature you control.


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