Health and Fitness Gadgets to Jumpstart Your Wellbeing

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From achieving mindfulness to enhancing fitness, get your whole body in balance with our Emel and Aris approved health and fitness gadgets.


Oska Pulse


This neat blue oval device harnesses Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy to zap inflammation and pain at the point of injury. It works by creating electric pulses that target cells to help reduce inflammation and accelerate healing. Whether you’ve over-stretched at yoga or suffer chronic pain, the Oska Pulse could well be your new best friend.


Muse brain sensing headband

Jumpstart your regular meditation practice with Muse’s futuristic brain sensing headband. It may not get you to enlightenment in zero-to-sixty but it will guide you through relaxing sounds according to the real-time status of your brainwaves. You’ll get a more zen-like sense of focus and the Muse headband can record and track your meditation sessions with its companion app.


Jabra Elite Sport Earbuds

There’s no denying, finding earbuds that don’t fall out on the treadmill is a serious #workoutgoal and, thankfully, Jabra is here to save the day. Their Elite Sports Earbuds are up there with the best. Not only do they stay put mid-workout, they also have a built-in heart rate monitor and a cool Hear Through function that filters sounds that surround you at the touch of a button, for when you’re pounding the noisy streets.


Hidrate Spark 2.0

Draw jealous glances from fellow joggers as you swig from your Hidrate Spark 2.0 smart water bottle. The clever flask integrates with many popular health apps and gadgets, keeping track of what you drink and ensuring you keep suitably hydrated. With an eye-catching illumination function, when it’s time to take a sip, it’ll light up and alert you.


PowerDot Smart Muscle Control Stimulator

For a workout without the sweat and tears, we love PowerDot. The Bluetooth stimulators attach to sticky pads, which you place on the muscle groups you want to either enhance or recover. Pair it with the PowerDot app on your device and you can tailor the Electronic Muscle Stimulation you receive using its performance programs. Strength building and soreness reducing while you kick back, what’s not to love?

Breathe 2 Mindfulness Lamp


Not only does the Breathe 2 Mindfulness Lamp inject a bit of serenity into your home, it’s also the perfect meditation tool. Looking like a frosted crystal ball, the lamp gently glows at different intensities that you attune to with your breathing. Syncing your breath with its changing light intensity for five minutes will induce a sense of calm and relaxation.


Naked 3D Fitness Scanner

Resembling a sleek full-length mirror, Naked’s 3D Fitness Scanner shares far more than just your reflection. This cutting-edge piece of health tech takes a 360° scan of your physique, capturing a 3D model of it. Using its companion app you’ll get a detailed report of your volumetric body fat, accurate body measurements and weight. If you’re on a fitness and weight loss mission, it’ll track your physical journey too.


Timelessly stylish with wellness-enhancing far infrared technology, Emel and Aris smart coats for him and her are the perfect way to stay warm when you can’t control the weather.



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