Four Ways Far Infrared Technology Can Improve Your Wellbeing

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Operating on the infrared band of the electromagnetic spectrum, FIR (far infrared) rays are invisible heat waves that can penetrate the body. Increasingly, many businesses, organisations and individuals are promoting the health benefits of FIR, with everything from mats and lamps to saunas and spas making headlines. But what are the best ways to incorporate far infrared’s therapeutic properties into your life?

Our heated coats feature cleverly concealed, lightweight self-heating panels. Heat spreads through an inert, flexible polymer that emits FIR to warm your muscles and kidneys to increase circulation. To discover how you can benefit from far infrared in other areas of your life, here are four ways of using this technology to improve your wellbeing.


Muscular and joint pain relief

Studies have shown that FIR can relieve neck pain almost immediately, and can even improve chronic back pain. One of the most common medical complaints, neck and back pain can be incredibly debilitative, and can get progressively worse over time. With FIR treatment, trials have shown a significant decrease in symptoms with continued use. An entirely safe, drug-free alternative that penetrates 2 inches of body tissue, FIR could be a game-changer for many people suffering from persistent neck and back pain.



Weight loss

In many cases, weight loss has been seen to be supported by receiving FIR treatment. While unwinding in an infrared sauna, your body’s actually working hard to produce sweat (which also has the added benefit of releasing small amounts of toxins from the body) and burn calories. Furthermore, a two-phase study has shown that FIR could help break down fat cells and reduce body fat, though the long-term benefit of FIR treatment in sustained weight loss is still being tested.


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Improved circulation

Imagine a cardio workout without having to pull on your trainers. When receiving FIR, your body responds by increasing heart rate and blood flow, which can improve microcirculation in the arteries, particularly at the site of application. This in turn can promote a similar physiological processndertake aerobic exercise. Though the lasting effects of FIR on improved circulation are still to be examined, the early signs are optimistic.

Stress busting

When we’re stressed our body produces more cortisol, the dreaded stress hormone. Left unchecked, elevated cortisol levels can mean high blood pressure, weight gain, mood swings and anxiety. As far infrared rays penetrate the body, they have been seen to stimulate the release of endorphins and promote muscle relaxation. Research into this area is still in its early stages, but a small study into FIR treatment for type 2 diabetes patients has shown some positive results, reporting reduced cortisol levels over a four-week period.

Our FIR heated Emel and Aris coats for him and her are a stylishly luxurious way to incorporate far infrared technology into your life.

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