Our Inspirational New Year’s Resolutions for 2018

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Whether it’s jumpstarting a health-kick, enhancing your work-life balance or doing something selfless, a good New Year’s resolution is one that’s easy to keep. We at Emel and Aris have shared some #2018goals below, which we hope may offer you some inspiration for the coming year – and won’t be shelved by February!


Spend more time with family

Everyone lives life at a frenetic pace, and often we end up seeing less of the people that matter most – our families. From spending some quality time with your children to pencilling in that long-forgotten romantic date night with your other half, take time to ensure your family are the ones that come first in 2018.

Build a balanced exercise routine

A stolen morning at the gym here, a post-work blast around the park there, often our exercise lacks that all-important ‘routine’. Commit to wellness this year by creating a balanced fitness regime that incorporates a variety of activities, like cardio with swimming, running or cycling, and muscle strengthening with weights or push-ups.


Inspirational New Year’s Resolutions

Introduce mindfulness into your life

As a buzzword, ‘mindfulness’ has been around a while now. However, it’s here to stay for a reason; quite simply, introducing elements of it into your life works. From downloading a meditation app like Headspace to taking up yoga to just being present and aware of your breathing in stressful situations, take a deep breath and relax in 2018…

Develop a clearer work structure

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to learn how to structure your time in order to maximise your output. Don’t let your working day or commitments either spiral out of control or just tick along at a slow pace. Be one step ahead of the game by planning your to-do list the day before, give yourself decent breaks to recharge, plan your calls and utilise that commute if you can.


Inspirational New Year’s Resolutions

Extend your address book

Get strategic with your networking – both digitally and IRL – and you’ll watch your little black book burgeoning in no time. First things first: evaluate your contacts to work out who matters the most. Take advantage of social platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter and be selective about what engagements to attend.

Try and get to bed earlier

Sleep so often seems like one of life’s luxuries – if only we can get more of it! With discipline and by cultivating a regular routine, you’ll be able to get yourself into bed earlier and score yourself more precious shut-eye. Avoiding caffeine and alcohol before bed, along with hitting the hay at the same time (almost) each night, will increase your alertness and productivity during the day.


Inspirational New Year’s Resolutions

Learn from the experiences of 2017

A handy catch-all that could relate to your personal or professional life, take some time to think back retrospectively over the past year. This could mean drawing up a list of what worked for you (and what didn’t!) to consciously acknowledge behaviours and practices that will only support your end goals.


Image credits: Main image © iStock/Cn0ra. Yoga © iStock/Alexandra Iakovleva. Diary © iStock/LeoPatrizi. Sleep © iStock/Emir Memedovski.

Inspirational New Year’s Resolutions

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