Gifts for serious travellers

John Browlee, 7th December 2016

Because if you can’t give the gift of travel this Christmas, at least you can give the gift of travelling well.

Americans make over 405 million business trips per year—and that number is steadily increasing. But traveling, especially by air, hasn’t gotten much easier, between cramped seats and endless security lines. Here are five gifts that cut down on some of the more annoying aspects of frequent travel—and one wildly expensive folly for non-business adventures.

Smart Coat
How thick does a coat need to be to keep you toasty in winter? If you buy the Smart Coat, not very. Emel+Aris’s beautifully cut cashmere coats combine a slim outer jacket with a detachable vest that heats. At a price starting at around $1,200, they aren’t cheap, but buy a Smart Coat, and you’ll do more than save yourself from bringing more than one coat on your next business trip. You’ll solve your heat regulation issues for good.

Emel and Aris appears alongside Louis Vuitton luggage, GrandRevølution Washington’s by Cole Haan, The Away Bag, Water Repellent Umbrella and Airstream Basecamp.


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