By Malika Renee Butss

Emel + Aris designer Rana Nakhal Solset has developed a collection of smart coats that battle the winter’s chilling temps without sacrificing chic style.

The Emel + Aris smart coats are made with a lightweight and versatile heating technology designed to keep wearers warm no matter the temperature outdoors. The coats feature three levels of heating — low, medium and high — which wearers can regulate to their liking. Similar to wearing a heated blanket, Emel + Aris smart coats generate infrared heat that penetrates the skin and goes into the muscle, which warms the wearer all over. Each coat works on a rechargeable battery, which also features a USB so wearers can charge their phone.

Though these coats are tech-savvy, they do not ignore current fashion fads and speak to the sleek and sophisticated Emel + Aris aesthetic.

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